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At CyberStreams, we manage every aspect of your business’s IT setup. From your cybersecurity to help desk, we’ve got you covered.

Your Neighborhood IT Department

Dave Henderson

Peter Kirby
Client Success Manager

Melody Kelly
Marketing Manager

Mat Kordell

Jenny Kordell
Regional Vice President

Eric Morrissette
Director of Finance

Dakota Gates
IT Support Engineer

Tracy White
Senior Service Engineer

Paul Sledge
Senior Service Engineer

Tim O'Brien
Support Manager

Paul Blake
Director of Service & Support

Jam Cuadra
Accounting Admin

Norman Hayward
Service Engineer

Jade Chandiramani
Support Engineer

Priyam Rai
Support Engineer

Austin Verna
Support Engineer

Why Businesses
Choose CyberStreams

100% Fast Response Guaranteed

CyberStreams guarantees that our Help Desk will pick up the phone within 90 seconds or we'll take $100 off your bill.

We Talk Like You Do

The CyberStreams team is trained in active listening and we avoid talking "geek speak" to our clients.

CyberStreams Protects Your Business

Your systems will be protected from ransomware and cybersecurity attacks.

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

If, for some reason you are not a raving fan of our support, we have a 90-day money back guarantee for the services you paid for.

Client Success Stories

“I've worked with CyberStreams for years, and our partnership is exceptional. Their strong reputation, unwavering service, and remarkable support set them apart.”

If You’ve Been Dealing with IT Challenges,
You’re Not Alone

Dave Henderson
CEO, CyberStreams

CyberStreams is Here to Help.

At CyberStreams, we don’t believe in compromising the integrity or safety of your IT system - no matter the circumstances. We work to make your technology serve you in the most efficient, powerful manner.

Feel like you’ve been down this road before?

Let us assure you that we place our priority on client relationships, not on turning a high profit. We’re here to maximize your current IT infrastructure, not drain your bank account. We’ll likely even lower your IT costs rather than raise them.

Click here to schedule a consultation or chat with our agent on this website. We’re ready to start important IT conversations with businesses just like yours.

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Our Services

For one flat fee, we’ll manage all of your company’s IT support needs. You focus on running your business while we maintain peak operations for your small to mid-sized company. Rather than charging you service-by-service, problem-by-problem, we believe in providing comprehensive coverage at all times.

At CyberStreams, we understand the complex and dynamic nature of cyber threats. Our mission is to empower your business with robust security measures, ensuring peace of mind and a secure digital environment for your operations, offering comprehensive protection tailored to your business needs.

Our expert team provides tailored solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring robust security measures are in place to protect your sensitive data. Trust us to guide you through the CMMC process, enhancing your cybersecurity posture and maintaining regulatory standards.

You need a phone system that can handle the modern demands of your business operations. Stop missing important calls and experiencing dropped connections with a fully functional VoIP system. We'll ensure you receive crystal-clear audio, no matter where you are, whenever your clients call, providing seamless communication.

Your communication setup should service today and prepare for tomorrow. At Cyberstreams, our LayerOne cabling service does just that. Using flexible communication technology and high-speed networks, we get all of your information from point A to B instantly. Don’t let data get lost between your data center and your end-users.

Do you have a cloud migration or office relocation on the horizon? Allow us to assist you in making the process as smooth and efficient as possible by managing it on your behalf. Our expertise will ensure that your next project is completed on time and strictly according to your original planned budget and schedule, with no issues after the fact.

What Clients Say About Us

Peace of Mind at an Affordable Flat Monthly Fee

We enjoy piece of mind knowing that CyberStreams is our single source for all matters IT at an AFFORDABLE flat monthly fee. We had previously worked with an IT firm that only provided fixes when something broke. At first, this worked for us, but we eventually realized that in order to keep our network secure, up and always running, we needed someone to manage our IT like CyberStreams does. Moving to a managed service with CyberStreams has also given us a team of IT pros (instead of being limited to a single person), and a resource with a much broader experience base, which means they have the ability to solve problems much faster and correctly. If you are wondering if you should hire CyberStreams I say ‘Go for it!’ You won’t be disappointed.

John Gracey

John Gracey - General Manager

Al Van Equipment SeaTac, WA

Trustworthy Partner, a Good Company With Integrity That Cares

CyberStreams is our TRUSTWORTHY PARTNER. They handle all of the IT functions for our company. When we were in a bind CyberStreams came to the rescue to setup a Virtual Conference Station in less than 48 hours. If we have any concerns they make it right, and fast. I appreciate knowing that CyberStreams is open to new ideas and systems. I love the help ticket function that allows me to decide if everything is done. The open communication I have with anyone at the company together with the fact they keep current on new technology, for me, is big benefit. I don’t feel that someone at CyberStreams is always trying to find a new thing to bill us for, push pricey programs, or expensive hardware onto us and the transparency is greater. CyberStreams is a good

Kevin Truan

Kevin Truan - General Manager

Al Van Equipment SeaTac, WA

CyberStreams is a Dedicated IT Solutions Company

They are new to us at Bastyr and their dedication and care for our technology and community is palpable.

Kevin Truan

Dana Seaman - Detail-oriented

Customer Service Minded Program Administration Professional

A Decade of Dependable IT Excellence!

CyberStreams has been our IT go to for over 10 years! they work every time, and having techs like Norm and Priyam is a bonus!

Kevin Truan

Matt Gracey - Business Development

Al-Van Equip NW Inc

Fantastic Support From Norman H!

The response time was quick and the support provided was effective and fixed my problem quickly. Really appreciate this group's technical support.

Kevin Truan

Jennifer Rostenbach - Senior Sales Manager

Delivery Express

Explains things in an easy to Understand Way

Mike is great. A pleasure working with someone who has been in the tech/IT industry so long and knows what they're doing. He's so patient with a 'non-techy' person and explains things in an easy to understand way. Thank you Mike.

John Gracey

John Gracey - General Manager

Al Van Equipment SeaTac, WA

Keeps Your People and Business Up and Running

Since we switched to CyberStreams’ Your Neighborhood IT Department full services IT support program our software and infrastructure has been running smoothly and we have avoided costly downtime. Prior to moving to CyberStreams’s full service solution we paid for IT by the hour and uptime and response time suffered. If you need to keep your business and people up and running then CyberStreams is worth every penny.

John Gracey

Jerremy Abbott

Co-Owner - Dutton Electric Co. Lynwood, WA

Very Responsive and a Pleasure to Work With

The level of service provided is really remarkable. I've worked with Cyber Streams for years, and our partnership is exceptional. Their strong reputation, unwavering service, and remarkable support set them apart. They provide security and value. I wholeheartedly recommend them as an IT provider; they've been instrumental in our growth, and I'm delighted with our relationship. Very responsive and just a pleasure to work with.

John Gracey

Eric Lint - Support Manager

Legacy Companies Limited

Fast Response, Reliable Systems

Since we switched to CyberStreams’ Your Neighborhood IT Department full services IT support program our software and infrastructure has been running smoothly and we have avoided costly downtime. Prior to moving to CyberStreams’s full service solution we paid for IT by the hour and uptime and response time suffered. If you need to keep your business and people up and running then CyberStreams is worth every penny.

John Gracey

Jeremy Abbott - Co-Owner

Dutton Electric Co. Lynwood

Cyberstreams is All About Relationships

I had the opportunity to come to your office and meet you and your staff, and the one I thing noticed right away about Cyberstreams versus other companies I've worked with in the past is it felt like a relationship. It felt like I was talking to people. So many times in the IT space it can feel very cold and sterile working with your service providers - and that was just the opposite when I came into Cyberstreams.

John Gracey

Brian Canfield - CEO & Executive Director

PNAA Redmond

Reviewed on Clutch:

Top IT Services & Cybersecurity Company

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