IT Projects

CyberStreams manages IT project risks, minimizes downtime,

and ensures lasting success, offering full support from start to finish.

Do You Have a Big IT Project on the Horizon?

Worried about the risks involved?

There are a million risk factors in an IT project – all of which can wreak havoc on your bottom line. CyberStreams' project managers and technicians are trained to help companies navigate obstacles, minimize downtime, and set themselves up for the long haul. Whether you need CyberStreams to take control of the project or support your team, we’re with you from A to Z.

Let’s take your IT operations to the next level.

Why Invest in IT Project Support?

Every hiccup and minute of downtime in an IT project costs you money – and leaves you vulnerable to cyber threats. Not having a proper plan A, B, and C can set you back weeks (or more). Professional IT project support helps you navigate transitions efficiently, avoid roadblocks, and stay safe from security hazards. Here are some reasons to invest in IT project support:


Minimize Risks

IT transitions are full of obstacles – both foreseeable and unforeseeable. Every IT project starts with a detailed examination of potential risk factors and protocol creation to ensure there are no interruptions in daily workflows.


Get Expert Guidance

IT project managers have spent years helping companies operate through technology transitions. These experts know the challenges involved, the solutions, and how to keep operations running smoothly.


Educate Employees

Every IT project opens the door to new security risks – and no transition is successful unless every employee is on the same page. IT project support providers work closely with employees to ensure the safety of the entire organization.


Protect Your IT Infrastructure

IT projects are about setting companies up for success today, tomorrow, and every day after that. Partnering with IT project support means your technology infrastructure stays ahead of the curve – and off your worry list.

CymberStreams IT Project Services


Office Relocations

An office move is the exciting start of a new chapter – it shouldn’t be a source of stress. CyberStreams will manage every step of your relocation, without extended downtimes.



No company should be living in fear of fines and fast-changing protocols. CyberStreams will take PIPEDA and PCI compliance off the backburner for good.


Cloud Migrations

Migrating to the cloud is one of the biggest steps towards smarter, more secure business operations. We’ll help you determine what should and shouldn’t be managed in the cloud for maximum efficiency.


Mergers & Acquisitions

CyberStreams will manage the next big step in your business journey carefully and securely – no matter what obstacles lie ahead.


Risk Mitigation

Our IT team provides quick incident responses, investigations, and comprehensive planning to make sure risks don’t turn into problems.


Cyber Insurance Auditing

Insurance companies make no compromises in cyber security standards, and neither do we. Our IT project managers will examine your risks under a microscope and make sure you don’t run into problems.


Desktop Virtualization

The CyberStreams team will make sure you’re using cloud virtualization to its full advantage – and minimizing 
hardware costs.


Hardware Procurement 
& Deployment

Choosing the right equipment for your business is not always apples-to-apples. Our experts will help you determine which hardware is best for your operation and implement it efficiently.


Data Backup & Recovery

When you partner with CyberStreams, you can rest assured your precious data is backed up frequently – and can be recovered quickly if disaster strikes.

The Security-First IT Project Mindset

In today's digital landscape, prioritizing security is non-negotiable. Our approach is grounded in meticulous planning, exhaustive risk analysis, and seamless execution to safeguard your IT projects.


Exhaustive Risk Analysis

Most roadblocks in an IT project can be avoided with proper planning. Our experts go the extra mile in understanding your vision, the risks involved, and how we can navigate the process seamlessly.


Develop a Surefire Roadmap

The CyberStreams project managers will work directly with your team to create a roadmap that works for everyone. Each plan is designed to minimize interruptions and keep you ahead of security risks.


Project Implementation

Our IT team oversees and manages every aspect of the project – without compromising daily operations.


Employee Training

Employees are the focus of every IT project. The CyberStreams team works closely to ensure each worker adapts properly, and the workplace experiences a noticeable upgrade.



IT projects create many changes – some are easier to grasp than others. Our technicians are standing by to offer guidance wherever it’s needed with “Direct-to-Tech” support.

Enjoy the Peace of Mind You Deserved

Since we switched to CyberStreams’ Your Neighborhood IT Department full services IT support program our software and infrastructure has been running smoothly and we have avoided costly downtime. Prior to moving to CyberStreams’s full service solution we paid for IT by the hour and uptime and response time suffered. If you need to keep your business and people up and running then CyberStreams is worth every penny.


Jerremy Abbott

Co-Owner - Dutton Electric Co. Lynwood, WA